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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is based on “algorithms” that rank a site for the search keywords in a query. The more specific a search query is, the greater the chance that your site gets a hit. We have a solid history of getting sites to rank. Search “Houston Naturopath,” and you find our client Quantum Wellness. Likewise, a search for “Galveston Taxi” gets you to, another one of our clients.

The results we can obtain for you depend on a wide range of factors but we can give you a good idea of the results we might obtain for you. Here is sampling of some of the things we do to get the results you need:

• Make sure your permalinks are set to display the “post name.” This is in the “settings” in the WordPress Dashboard.

• Install the SEO by Yoast plugin. The free version is quite good. Pro gets you pro. It’s $65.00 a year.

• Make sure you put up plenty of images, that’s vital. Make sure your images are named something like galveston-web-design.jpg and NOT DIC1346064.jpg. When you upload these images to WordPress, make sure that you copy and paste the file name (not the URL!) from the file name box to the alt box.

• When you are first creating posts and pages, go ahead and do the whole SEO Yoast “wizard” at the bottom of each page under where the content ends. You’ve got to turn on the green light for ALL of your content.

• Got to all of the “site submission” sites you can. Like DMZActive, Google, YP, Google Map, Apple Map, etc. There are a zillion site submission opportunities on the web. Take the time to do a bunch of these.

• Install the “Google XML Sitemap” plugin and figure out how to use it. It’s pretty simple.

• With Yoast Pro, you can connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Make sure those social settings show on your website and hook to your accounts. Definitely, the more the merrier here.

• Get Google Analytics and Google Console set up. This is mandatory if you’re going to get serious about SEO

Okay, that’s a huge part of it.  If you get through all of the steps above and want to know what you can do next, give us a call.

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