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Base Plan $489

Our Pricing is Modular Flat Fee

By combining our base fee, with the Al La Carte menu below you can roughly estimate your charges. Once we have a clearly defined scope of work, we can give you a firm price for your web or graphics project.

Domain Name: We’ll help you purchase one and configure it for you.

Time: 3-5 days production time for basic site.

The Right WordPress Theme(template): We can suggest some themes for you to review.  Theme Forest is a good place to start looking at free themes. Paid themes go for $25 to $60. Very few cost more than $100.

Custom Palette: You send us 4 pictures with your favorite colors and we’ll make a web site accordingly.

Content: 3-5 pages and/or posts including contact page and CAPTCHA.

Header Image: A bit of Photoshop to create this part.

Mobile Version: A fully responsive and elegant mobile version.

Free: 90 days of hosting and support.

Ala Carte Menu

  • Hosting & Tech Support $50/mo
  • Photoshop Work $75/hr
  • Animated Slides $50/ea
  • Search Engine Optimization $150/mo+
  • E-Commerce $200 Setup
  • Copywriting $75/article
  • Video Editing $95/hr