Quick Start Guide

We’re Dedicated To Giving You A Smooth Ride!

About Domain Names

Your domain (www.mysite.com) has to be “registered” somewhere. Then the website itself has to be “hosted” on a server somewhere. If you need help with any of this, please give us a call at 409-276-7222.

Domain Name: If you need a domain name GoDaddy or HostGator are good places to buy one. If you want to have your own hosting account this is where you can buy a hosting package as well. Otherwise, we can provide hosting and all the “back-end” server configurations and updates. The ‘.com’s’ are by far the most valuable so shop wisely when thinking about .net, .us, etc.  A .com registration is more valuable, in my informed opinion, than a US Trademark.  If something is Trademarked you can bet the .com is taken. Lastly, having your keywords in the domain name doesn’t (it used to!) help with your search results.

GoDaddy will try to sell you all sorts of things that you don’t need so be prepared to wade through a bunch of adverts.

SSL:  This is how a site is encrypted. This will give you the lock in your browser bar and show HTTPS instead of HTTP. An SSL certificate is vital and so that’s included in our hosting plans.

Hosting: If you already have a website and you’d like us to host it for you, it’s quite simple to redirect your domain to our servers.

Basic Choices You Need To Make

Color Palette: Your choices of colors is unlimited. We can suggest a palette, or you can send us some web images and we can match the colors precisely. Same is true with background images or textures.

Images: Quality images are vital. We can scour the web for you to find free and paid images. Pixaybay is a good place to start your search. If you search on Google Images be sure to go to Tools >Usage Rights >Labeled for Reuse. Shutterstock has, amazingly, 250,000,000 images for sale. They also have lots of film and footage.

Text: Realize that many readers scan a page, they don’t read it so less is more. The search engines are favorable for articles that are 300 words or better. We have an excellent copywriter on staff.

About Google

Google Maps: If you have a location address you can use, getting listed on Google Maps is a simple matter. You can also configure the Map to not display your address. This part is included in all our web packages.

Google Analytics:  This will tell us:
  • How many visitors you’ve had in a given day, week or month.
  • What pages the visitors look at and, most vitally, how long a visitor stays on a given page.
  • Keywords used that hit your site.
  • The geographic location of your visitors. It would be very helpful to know how many people visit from Canada, Dallas, France, etc…
  • What your ‘bounce’ rate is. This is visitors that hit the site but leave after 3 seconds. It’s vital to know the bounce rate. If it’s 90% we’re in trouble. If it’s 50% we’re doing a good job.

For eCommerce

You’ll need product images all of the same pixel dimensions. We do that part. Each product then has a price and the shipping, taxes, and merchant accounts have to be set up. Also, we need to install and SSL Certificate on your site so that it’s encrypted and shows up HTTS://www.MyWebsite.com instead of just HTTP. If you’d like to learn more about how we develop shopping carts, take a look at WooCommerce.