Quick Start Guide


Quick Start Guide


We’re Dedicated To Giving You A Smooth Ride!

Getting Started

All of our projects are on a flat-fee basis with 1/2 when we start and 1/2 when we go live. We will guide you through all aspects of your web development project. To get started, let’s look at some of the basics:

  1. If you don’t have one, purchase a domain name at GoDaddy or another provider. This is strictly the www.mybusiness.com part. It has nothing to do with web hosting.
  2. We will help you claim and personalize your free Google Maps listing. This is most important.
  3. Provide us with a sample site that you like.
  4. Gather your images and 900 words of text. Check out pixabay.com for a zillion free images. We have an account, so you can get photos from shuterstock.com. for $5.  Shutterstock has 250,000,000 images and a bunch of videos and soundtracks.
  5. We will develop your site in segments so that you can approve the work each step along the way. We put your develpment site behind a security password so that bots can’t index it until you’re ready.
  6. When you love your site, we’ll take it live and send you an invoice for the second half of our fee.  Take a look at our flat-fee packages.
    About Copyrights: We’ve had two calls asking for help with this.  Some photo companies like Getty Images uses bots to scrub the web for their photos and then send an email from their lawyers theating to sue you if you don’t pay a bunch of money–like $2,000, It’s imperative that you only use images that are purchased or “open source.” For example,  all of the images on Wikipedia are open source. So are the free images on pixabay.com. If you search on Google Images be sure to go to Tools >Usage Rights >Labeled for Reuse.


About Domain Names

Your domain (www.mysite.com) has to be “registered” somewhere, like godaddy. Then the website itself has to be “hosted” on a server somewhere. Godaddy offers this or we can host your site on our webservers. If you need help with any of this, please give us a call at 409-276-7222.   Godaddy will try to sell you all sorts of things on check out that you don’t need so be prepared to wade through a bunch of adverts. You can always go back and add services later.

Basic Choices You Need To Make

Color Palette: Your choices of colors is unlimited. We can suggest a palette, or you can send us some web images and we can match the colors precisely. Same is true with background images or textures.

Images: All images go through Photoshop for enhancement and optimization. Shutterstock has, amazingly, 250,000,000 images for sale. They also have lots of film and footage.

Text: We have an excellent copywriter on staff.

About Search Engine Optimization

SEO might be vital to your marketing efforts. All of our packages include basic SEO. Here is a list of the most important factors:

  • Google Maps: This is #1 because it’s very effective for search rankings and completly free. You may have already done this but, if not, you can claim it and customize it.
  • Quality Content: Content is King (or Queen!) When search engines hit the web in the early 1990’s SEO was just two things:  1) Good quality text, and 2) how many sites link into yours. Now it’s estimated that Google has 152 algorythim formulas which rank sites.
  • 900 Words:  From what the experts say, you need 900 words on your home page. Often we accomplish this with a Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) accordian page on both the home page and the FAQ page. One onecallairandheat we built a tips and tricks page. It’s ten topics with 90 words of text. That gives us the 900 words and provides content that visitors are interested in.
  • Text Formatting: There’s a very special way to organize your content. We take care of that.
  • Images: When we optimize your images in Photoshop, we name the files with keywords such as: web-design-seo.jpg.  Never DS44796.jpg!
  • Regular Updates:  In most cases your competitors aren’t posting regular content; they just build a website and forget about it. This is huge mistake that you can take advantage of. A blog is a good choice. Something like, “Galveston Wildlife.”  Google doesn’t much care if the blog is related directly to your business. A blog post just needs one picture and 300 unique words. You can’t just copy and paste text onto your site from another site. If this is done, Google will bump down your search rankings. We can run your blog or you can post on your blog with just an email. Type about 300 words, drag in a photo and hit send. WordPress will automatically size the photo. Super simple!
  • Facebook Integration:  Google likes it if your FB page is hooked into your website. A good way to impliment this step is to simply copy the links from your webpage and paste them into a FB post. We can even pull FB posts and pages into your website.
  • Google Ads:  This is affordable and effective. Pay-for-click ads are, for most businesses, the single best form of SEO. Learning how to create and manage Ads is a bit overwhelming. Here’s a link to a tutorial on AdWords.  Remember, you can set a daily budget for clicks. Even $10 a day can work quite well in some markets. Here’s an excellent 20 minute AdWords tutorial on YouTube.


WebWorks Can Provide You With Many Special Functions

  • Reservation systems for vacation rentals
  • Appointment systems for medical professionals
  • Facebook integration
  • Email marketing
  • Interactive client reviews
  • Online lease applications
  • Image and video galleries
  • Google ads management
  • Pretty much anything you can imagine!