Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Questions Are Number One

SEO (search engine optimization) questions are the number one thing we’re asked by our clients. SEO is staggeringly complex topic. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are many variables. Here are four significant ones:

  • Market Size: When, for example, marketing a dental office, the focus area might be a twenty mile radius. It might only be Gavleston, Clear Lake, Texas City or Pearland. However, when marketing a custom jewlry design house such as http://tlmeckleydesigns.com/ the market is the whole USA, perhaps the whole planet. Straight SEO isn’t going to solve this dilema, other forms of marketing must be employed. The dental office scenario is an example of local SEO. So is the site you are currently viewing!
  • Competition: WebWorks is Galveston’s only full-service web development shop so it’s not too difficult for us to keep that momentum moving. However, to market AC companies would be more difficult. Again, local SEO comes into play.
  • Budget: While Jeff Bezos may have an unlimited SEO budget, the rest of us don’t. A successful SEO program costs some bucks. For $50 a month you get a bit, but for $500 a month you get a lot. We’ll work with you to help you find a budget that fits your business realities.
  • Client Participation: As you will see below, the king of SEO is words. Content is king! Once a website is properly structured for SEO, the number one thing to do is to publish fresh, properly written content on a regular basis. For instance, on GalvestonCabs.com site, we put up a blog on Galveston history and the client can post to that with only a tiny amount of training. These posts only need to be 300 words and have one image to count as positive SEO.  We can even set up a blog so that you can post to your site via email. 

Google Ranks A Site Using Algorithms

Algorithm is a fancy name for a set of mathematical formulas. Google has about 150 separate formulae. Of course the Google Algorithms are top secret. People who are way smart keep track of what these formulae measure and how that changes over time.  Hence, the more specific a search query is, the greater the chance that your site gets hits.

The results we can obtain for you depend on a wide range of factors but we can give you a good idea of the results we might obtain for you. Here is sampling of some of the things we do to get the results you need:

  • Content is King: From the very beginning, all search engines ranked by content and how many site link into it. Many formatting and syntax requirements must be met. There are no magic wands for SEO–It’s a laborious undertaking For instance:

(1) Does the keyword or phrase appear at the beginning of the title and sentence?,

(2) There are 5 heading sizes. It’s most important how the H1, H2 and H3 tags are formatted.

(3) Are there 900 words on the homepage, and any other “cornerstone” posts or pages?,

(4) Is an SEO plugin being utilized correctly?,

(5) Are the meta tags and keywords set correctly on every page and post?

  • Attractive images–that’s vital. The images must be named something like “galveston-web-design.jpg” and NOT “DIC1346064.jpg.” When you upload these images to WordPress, make sure that you copy and paste the file name (not the URL!) from the file name box to the alt box.
  • “Site submission” sites such ass DMZActive, Google, YP DEX, Google Map, Apple Map, etc. have some utility. Oftentimes it pays to hire a robot to take care of all this. That starts at $129 on DEX.
  • “Google XML Sitemap” is all important and is update automatically each day.
  • Connecting to social media companies. By posting content that links back to your website, you establish incoming links which are very helpful for ranking results.
  • Google Analytics is mandatory for an extensive SEO campaign as it will show what keywords landed on the site, how long a visitor stays on a page, the 3 second bounces, the geographical area encomposed, etc.

SEO is one of our primary services. We will only take on an SEO project if we’re sure we can demonstrate positive results!